October 11, 2012

Bunny Girl 3D Character Turnaround

Watch it!

    I know I haven't been around, or updated for a while, I've been a little busy of course, I've been working on this character! This character is fully rigged and animatable, but I made a slight miscalculation, and did the texturing after doing the skinning and rigging, so going into Zbrush and doing the UVs there, changed the model so the rig has to be re-skinned to the new mesh from Zbrush. I learned that I have to get into texturing the model as soon as I'm done with the modeling, otherwise I have to re-skin the character to the rig, in this case.

    Well I've also have been drawing up some sketches for the next character I'm going to be creating soon, one that might be a lot more difficult as far as the detail that I see in my mind, but if it works out according to what I have in mind it should be pretty epic!

    So here's the 3D turnaround for the character I've been working on for some practice and to place into my portfolio as a piece.

    The modeling was done with Maya, Zbrush for certain areas, and Photoshop for the textures.

    I'm going to go into modeling a range of different animal and human characters and guess what's next? I'm thinking of a lion, but he won't be just any ordinary lion. Think hulkish, veiny, sharp teeth, with pretty detailed armor, with damage detail, and all the sweet stuff. I hope it comes out as I have it envisioned in my mind.

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