October 20, 2012

30 Days of 30 Second Gestures!

I know it looks quite messy!! However, I'm going to try and achieve 30 days of drawing gestures for some extra practice. I hope it won't be like the last 30 day challenge with the characters that I  did not complete and I still feel a bit sour about that. So hopefully, I will complete this, and come out much more a refined and more fluid artist.

The purpose of these gestures is to really loosen up my drawing lines and the poses for the body, the body's movement will look more fluid and less rigid and stiff, which tends to happen when you focus on making one drawing look pretty for 8 hours. So instead, I'm going to focus on getting that fluidity and "feeling" behind the pose, before doing a drawing for 8 hours, and then finding out later on that it looks very stiff and lifeless.

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