November 10, 2011

Advanced Software: Environmental Sketch

Here's a doozy, I'm just coming back from a short camping trip that was a whole lot of fun and I needless to say, did not end up sleeping the whole night. And so I return to my cave and I find that I must turn this image up there into an environment. I loved the idea it's so great to be able to let loose and be creative. So after staring at a screen for a few hours and many sketches later....

I made some cuts and changes to the architecture, I was at this point going for a castle appeal.

Im going along and adding more detail. Got to have a nice little pond in there. :p

Here's the final version of the concept. I honestly feel that there's some details that could be left out, but after about 7-8 hours, I needed to upload this to the class. Oh yeah, did I mention that this will have to be modeled out in 3D? All in Maya, which I haven't used since high school? Well this will definitely be a huge refresher on Maya. I'll keep an update on my progress....


  1. Thanks bro! We have to get started on that game! :)