November 9, 2009

Their Environments...

This was a room I had to design for the antagonist in my class. This surely was interesting to work on, because based off the characteristics of the character I desiged, and where he lives, which is an old town built intergrated into the side of an icy cliff. They have strange technology which allow them to be able to do stuff like that. This would be a room that the character would be in for only a short period of time. After all, a hero's got to be busy adventuring, right?

This is the room for the for my female antagonist, it's a very themish room, in a way, since she's a pilot and loves machines, probably more than people. However, I wanted this room to be filled with a lot more mechanical stuff, better showing what's she into. And since she has more financial stability due to her family, she could have a better looking room. She leaves this life behind to journey the world in her new plane. I sure hope she can fly well.

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