November 6, 2008

WAID?! (Watch As I Draw)

WOW!! I know it's been a while since I've last updated! So I've got a sweet treat for anybody out there! I actually ended up getting four days free from work, which I'm sure will end up biting me at the end. But I was feeling quite creative! I was drawing something for a Flash project I am currently working on, called Dark Guardian.

I'm currently drawing one of the characters in CS3. Almost Suddenly it hit me, why not record myself drawing a there you have it! The mini series, which will now be known as WAID. Short for Watch As I Draw! I told you I was feeling creative! Anyways I've been recording some videos for the blog and I'm coloring the character at this moment, I have no idea how long the series will run, but it's going to be five minutes each part.

So enjoy and maybe someone will benefit from watching me play around in CS3 and learn something! So don't be affraid to criticise my work...I know more than anyone that I ain't perfect..Not At All...

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