October 24, 2010

Sonic Fan Remix

This fan made Sonic game is just right for the old time Sonic fan like myself. This was made by two guys with an intense passion to make a Sonic game, and I think them two pulled off what the peoples at Sega just haven't been able to do.

The way the environment looks, and how it plays it's just the right remix that Sonic needs. So while I am spending the few moments not doing something creative...You can bet I'll be giving this a try.

October 19, 2010

Checkered Mess

Another project for another class, my 3D modeling/animation II, so now it's twice as much greatness than before. We had to design a futuristic car design, and the environment it will become apart of. By this Friday, preferably sooner, all those checkers will be gone and replaced with cool looking textures.

Sketch Storyboards


A sketched storyboard on small thumbnails. It was kind of tough getting all the details into these tiny boxes. This was  for a class assignment that required the complete use of all creativity you can conjure. So, I decided to do some epic story about some guy named John, who starts from being broke and jobless, to somehow getting transported to an alternate dimension where he meets his older self. However, I realized I was putting so much work on myself, which led me to robbing more mister sandman hours to finish 64 teeny sketches.. good times.. : )

October 14, 2010

Beginner's Complex: Getting Better...

Ira Glass talks about the building blocks of a story. I found this really inspiring, not that I'm a beginner but I feel like I'm in the aforementioned group of people trying to break through this crazy invisible creative barrier... 

October 5, 2010


A short 3D animated movie that is really beautifully made, while being a touching journey of someone, and what they'd do to get back that special someone. Even if it's are a pet dragon.