May 28, 2010

This here colorful flying is about a Art Face Off that that is going on tomorrow. So I'm going to find myself there even if I'm taking a bus or something. Should be fun, I am interested in how the even will go and how the other artist are and what kind of new things there are to learn from them. SO, if anyone's in the area come by, I'm sure on there somewhere is the huuge amount of events and activities going on!

May 13, 2010


So now that my first 3D modeling class is through yesterday, I can safely say it was very interesting and fun work. First week of class we had to plan out the scene and come up with sketches of how it would kinda look. I drew my inspirations from Castlevania Symphony of the Night, as I always in one way or another create the wonderful 2d environments in some kind of 3D. However, in the end my project went it's own direction.The room itself is shrouded in mystery, and no one knows of the ill events which took place within these walls. I don't think anyone really wants to know, because all whom decided to be brave and find out, went missing, never to be heard of again.....

May 1, 2010

Is Education Today Creative Enough?

Sir Ken Robinson, brings up an amazing point on how creativity has been disrupted and squandered, by our current educational system. The same system of education that been developed in the 19th century in order to prepare more skilled workers for an industrial economy, that needed skilled workers to build certain things. However,  that system is no longer working, and in result, education has been fashioning students in a way that robs them of their creativity and individualism, and forcing standardized tests and reducing creative classes. What do you think? I certainly noticed this, as I was sketching away on my notes in math class. :)