April 27, 2009

Five Second Project

Hero - Five Second Project from Leon Mcpherson on Vimeo.

Over at www.greyscalegorilla.com, I decided to take upon the challenge of making a five second project. This was an interesting challenge and I definitely wanted the practice.

April 25, 2009

mA-13 in Color

Yesterday, I decided to take the challenge of coloring the mA-13. Took me almost all evening to get it done and was a learning experience for me, since I'm not really that strong on painting, especially in Photoshop. But I was happy with result, and now it's up here.

April 22, 2009

Reester Island

On this odd day on Reester Island, There was a story about how these huge creatures would come to the shore by this island to die. Since decades they would come to shore and die next each other.

On a side note, today is Earth Day. I've been so wrapped up in my mind that I didn't even remember about it. I'm not really sure whats so special about Earth day anyways. I'm sure that all the small 'green' things that people are trying to do to feel less guilty, is nothing compared to the damage put upon this planet for centuries. So, now we know our atmosphere is thinning out due to greenhouse gases, and buying all natural dish washing liquid, or other all natural "green" is going to amend things? Another among millions of other ways to get people all fired up for something and buy stuff. ;p

April 20, 2009

mA-13 Walks the Earth...

The mA-13 walks the Earth in abundance, since the now ancient civilization that built them met a quick and timely end by their own creation. Now it roams free among the wild lands. The Triloks found it necessary and willed the complete protection from harm in any way. Ironically that which is no longer of existence, no longer needs protecting.

April 15, 2009

Good Morning!

I woke up this morning, after about 4 hours of sleep feeling a lot better than I did for the last week. I had to fight off a pretty evil cold, that would make me sound like Darth Sidious whenever I spoke. It was an interesting change, aside from the torturing headaches and stuff. But I digress, this morning I awoke with a new energy and a bit refreshed, and the first thing I do is visit Youtube?! Anyways, since I used to be in a school band long ago, this sorta brought back those good memories.

April 7, 2009

Kotoc is Awesome!

Reel 2008 | Kotoc from kotoc on Vimeo.

So it's a normal day as usual, surfing the web scratching my head wondering what's next. I came across this video on Kotoc's site, their demo reel for 2008. I saw and I was immediately floored with the awesomeness all contained within this one minute and forty five second video. When I see studios like these, it really makes me think, what got them started and things as one day I'd hope to have an awesome studio with amazing artist making...Well, whatever! Anything under the sun! There's no limits. Anyways, enjoy this awesome video.

April 2, 2009

DSi Is Pure Sweetness!

I got up this morning, made some intensely mundane and boring breakfast. Had some coffee too, I've been getting into that lately. I jumped on the comp and fired up my browser. Then I came across something. This video of that new Nintendo DSi coming out soon and one of it's many apparent features. I must admit I was never really truly interested in another DS with a few new features here and there. However, this feature, made my eyes swell up with tears, to be able to do something like this on the DSi makes this a must get for me! Watch the video, need I say more? ^_-