January 12, 2009

I draw wierd things sometimes...Like in this case, I decided to bring forth a new chapter from the great StarFox. What was I thinking? I dunno, make a movie out of it...That's the way I live! Especially being as unemployed as I currently am, I can now find the time to get something done! Right? Or is that the way of thinking? Shouldn't I be more worried about what's to come next? If I told you how I get through each day, you'd probably laugh.

Well things can't be THAT bad, atlease you're enrolled in school, and you'd soon reach that destined level of educated hieghts to be able to land that extremely high paying job career. Well anyways to wrap up this short text fest, today I start my Drawing and Color Thoery for Print classes! And I am pretty excited, school is the one thing that keeping me from going nuts in this situation. But I've got to work hard! Wish me luck...Ç_Ç