September 30, 2008

Up To Crazyness!!

I 've been justifiably busy as of late. I've been working on a flash animation project, and I've got a lot in mind for future ideas. The flurry of ideas in my head is what gives me fuel to get through each day.  But, boy, have I been busy! Between Megaman 9, work and Flash, etc...So what you get is a sneak peek! I'l have more to show,  and hopefully a finished project sometime not too long in the future. 

September 27, 2008

Drawing of the Day!

Here's the next drawing of the day. I just got up one morning and began to work on this piece of work, anyways, enjoy.

Megaman 9, A Breath of Fresh Air

Man, I am loving this game! I am so addicted to this game, I can hardly put it down! Megaman is back and in full 8-bit glory! I wouldn't want it any other way. Ofcourse at first I was skeptical, however once I powered up the Wii and got crackin', it was just like playing Megaman on the original NES! This game definitely enjoyable and extremely challenging!! I'm hooked!!!

September 26, 2008

Drawing of the Day!

Escher's Three Worlds, which I recreated in 3D a long time ago! If I can recall it was for a 3D challenge. While although I didn't get first place, It was a fun and learning experience. The first Picture of the Day, post on the Lounge. Tell me what you think, and enjoy. ^_^

September 24, 2008

Welcome to Leon's Lounge

Relax, take it easy, welcome to the lounge, Leon's lounge. Ofcourse, right now there isn't much to offer, but I'll be posting art conjoured by the deepest depths of my mind, and printed with my fingertips. I will appease your eyes with any type of ingenious art I've done, or any truly inspiring things I just have to share with the lounge. So come along, what are you waiting for? Welcome to Leon's Lounge! ^_^