November 10, 2011

Advanced Software: Environmental Sketch

Here's a doozy, I'm just coming back from a short camping trip that was a whole lot of fun and I needless to say, did not end up sleeping the whole night. And so I return to my cave and I find that I must turn this image up there into an environment. I loved the idea it's so great to be able to let loose and be creative. So after staring at a screen for a few hours and many sketches later....

I made some cuts and changes to the architecture, I was at this point going for a castle appeal.

Im going along and adding more detail. Got to have a nice little pond in there. :p

Here's the final version of the concept. I honestly feel that there's some details that could be left out, but after about 7-8 hours, I needed to upload this to the class. Oh yeah, did I mention that this will have to be modeled out in 3D? All in Maya, which I haven't used since high school? Well this will definitely be a huge refresher on Maya. I'll keep an update on my progress....

November 2, 2011

3d Character Animation: Final

Here's the final animation for my 3D character animation class. Yes, more classwork! So much it can drive you crazy! Well it's a learning experience, which I'll be taking to any project I'll work on. This class really made 3d animation a lot easier to grasp and there's so many different techniques for getting the same thing done. It's really choosing the one which will be truly beneficial is what comes with experience.

Final Ident

This here is the final for my Intro to digital composition class. It was a very short and fun class, I've learned a few new things about after effects which is what this was made with. It was too hard to work with, I started off with just a single image in photoshop, which is the bubble and then used that as a sprite for the particles, so that every particle rendered looks like the bubble I made in photoshop.