October 22, 2011

To Early For halloween

Just in time for all the candy purchases for the Halloween jolly old good, ohhh who am I kidding? This is some disturbing stuff! Imagine the great depths I had to go into in order to complete this one. It was a lot of fun though, I enjoyed every moment of creating this..and so, it's Aliiiiiivee!! It's aliveeeeeee!!! Muahaha..*cough* 


Storyboard idea for a short 3d animation we are currently working on. Lot's of fun! I just hope that I will be able to achieve it all, after all I've never really worked on a full fledged 3D animation, just short clips and practice here and there, but this is it, folks..The whole process from beginning to end.

October 15, 2011

3D Animation: Lifting Weight

A short 3D animation completed for my class. Along the lines of keeping the weight of a prop in mind when animating a character. Very fun and interesting challenge, because I have to basically act through the character that the sphere is heavy. And so, of course the weight would end up being a little too much for him to handle.

Misty Forest WIP

A quick snapshot of a painting I'm working on in photoshop. There's a lot of details I'm gonna need to work on, especially for the trees. I was just speed painting and I just thought of a misty forest area with and opening to show sunlight and those sun rays.  

October 13, 2011

The Three Billies

Here's a fun one. The goal was to make the videos overlap, and play in order sequentially and play out as one clip.  Wasn't too difficult in this case, just by changing the layer modes and brightness to each layer. Aaaand Boom! You've got an perpetual self cloning machine! :)

October 6, 2011

Motion-Text Animation

Here's another motion graphics I had to make and I'm really starting to like working with After Effects. It's a very powerful compositing application that delivers a freedom of creativity. This time around it took me a while to really get an idea of what I wanted the animation to be about. So I pretty much wrote a short poem, although I didn't get to use the whole thing. I wanted to get an idea of how the text will be moving about on screen so I created the text layers and used an text animation preset and modified it so that it would fade in.

I wanted there to be clouds, everything is better with clouds and I was wondering if I could do it in short time. Then I remembered I could use photoshop; so I painted the clouds in photoshop, using a soft brush and low flow settings, some clouds was just a single cloud, others were larger groups of clouds, with alpha transparencies.

Import them in AE and make them 3D layers so I can move them around in 3D space. It was a bit tedious getting the different cloud layers and other elements to align with the 3D camera. I saw a tip that mentioned that to solve that, all you need to do is to link the layer to something in the camera's view, or the camera itself and then, make it a 3D layer, then break the link to the object, and move it to where you want it. That way, it's not flying off to some random place in 3D space. This was fun and it really challanged what I could do with after effects in a short time. There will be more..believe that.

October 4, 2011

Intro To Digital Compositing

Some new classes up this week, and they are going to be a lot of fun hard work to complete. Here's a clip for my Intro to Digital Compositing. It's supposed to be a 10 second clip on any kind of destination, I was thinking very rustic ruins so I ended up using those images for my ideas of a destination. I kind of like it, I know I could do better but after being stumped for a while, this came together quite nicely. Not very much of an intro, because After Effects is one of my favorite programs it really excites me that this whole class we'll be making some intros, and even a sting for the final project. I'm really looking forward to that! Finally my own station!

October 3, 2011

Hey There! I know I've been missing for some time again! Well fret no more, here I am with a new short animation I worked on for my Advanced 2D animation class. I know I might be my own worst critic, but I feel that it could have been a lot better with more time.

Here's a short animation clip. This is a study of how a walk cycle can show the difference in emotion the character portrays. This guy looks real happy!

Here's the next study. He doesn't look too happy.