December 29, 2008

Blue Moon Post!

Well, firstly, I'd like to say, Marry Christmas, Happy New Year! My Goodn3ss! It's been like, what? Forever!! Since my last post? Okay, Let's face it folks I'm a terrible procrastinator. However, for now I can safely say that I'm back and hopefully get on track to putting some interesting stuff up on this supposed "ART" blog of mine.

2009, for me will have to be the year for improvement. I've got to get things in my life in order and finally get some kind of establishment so I'll my life is worth something under the sun. I am now currently back in school at the Art Institute, and if that isn't a good start, then I don't know what is!

There will be a lot of interesting things to coming up for this year! Good things....good things.. :p

November 17, 2008

Sketchy Blogging

I don't know where this came from, in the deep archives hidden deep within the increasing number of folders in my computer. I managed to dig out a sketch I did sometime in the past.

It took all of my gathered willpower to put it on the blog, and here it is now, for all eyes to see and enjoy in any way they may please to do so. =]

Anyways, I've probably got something interesting coming soon to a monitor near you!

November 13, 2008

Dark Guardian

Alrighty,look familiar? That's the Dark Guardian finally completed! I know, I was planning on releasing the last (watch as I draw) for this piece, but I got a little to crazy and made the video over 700MB! So I've got to work on getting it edited and, it's most likely going to be timelapsed, unless you want to watch an hour of this stuff... Anyways I didn't even manage to record me finishing up this piece! AHH I'm so unorganized! Hopefully the next time I do something like this I will think ahead...So enjoy! ^_^

November 12, 2008

Dark Guardian 5

Heres part 5! Here's the last...I'm getting real lazy with uploading all the parts chopped up like this! It's driving me mad..Okay, so here what I'm going to do..I'm going to get real lazy and just make the last video from wherever I left off...

Lose you yet? No? Good

Then I'm going to just post that last one and Move on! I'm getting too lazy lately....anyways, enjoy!

November 9, 2008

WAID - Dark Guardian 4

BOOM!! Here's another! Crazyness!

November 8, 2008

WAID - Dark Guardian 3

Finally making some progress! Here we've got part three of the Dark Guardian series.
I've been thinking of what else I can record and put up on the blog. And I've got a great idea of what to do next, but I've got to work on the kinks ofcourse and the process should be smooth.

Today was a busy day! Glad I managed to atlease get this up and running! Expect a lot more at Leon's Lounge, soon!! ^_-

November 7, 2008

Here's part two of the Dark Guadian...

November 6, 2008

WAID - Dark Guardian 1

By the time I started recording my progress I had already worked on the sketching a bit,
and I was starting to work with getting a little more detail in there..

WAID?! (Watch As I Draw)

WOW!! I know it's been a while since I've last updated! So I've got a sweet treat for anybody out there! I actually ended up getting four days free from work, which I'm sure will end up biting me at the end. But I was feeling quite creative! I was drawing something for a Flash project I am currently working on, called Dark Guardian.

I'm currently drawing one of the characters in CS3. Almost Suddenly it hit me, why not record myself drawing a there you have it! The mini series, which will now be known as WAID. Short for Watch As I Draw! I told you I was feeling creative! Anyways I've been recording some videos for the blog and I'm coloring the character at this moment, I have no idea how long the series will run, but it's going to be five minutes each part.

So enjoy and maybe someone will benefit from watching me play around in CS3 and learn something! So don't be affraid to criticise my work...I know more than anyone that I ain't perfect..Not At All...

October 13, 2008

Monster Hunter 3

Monster Hunter 3 for the Nintendo Wii, I've been really anticipating a title like this for the Wii. No, I've been hungry for it! As soon as this hits stores I'm definitely getting my grimey hands on it. However, any info such as release dates aren't known yet, I'm pretty sure this will have a full online mode, making this game a definitely must get for me. I just can't wait!

October 7, 2008

Adventure Pass

Advanture Pass, the pic of the day! I was insired to make this one day on quite a whim as usual, but I felt like modeling something you would see in a Zelda game. I learned a lot from this small project I did a while ago....

October 6, 2008

Pic of the day

WOW! I'm already starting to get lazy!? Not quite! Here's another pic of the day! This one is quite old too, I was just getting my berrings in 3D space, and wanted to give a shelf a try. There are ofcourse many things I definitely would try to improve on, this is just to help me see just how much I've Improved...Well atlease a little bit..^_^

October 3, 2008

Makin Progress... ; P

Alright, so I'm making Progress! I'm pretty surprised, I haven't been able to work on one project for some time. Even though its just small project, nevertheless I'm putting eveything I can put into this clip of animation. Maybe all the hectic things going on right now are for a reason. A clear chance for self improvement, and chance to breath, rather than the end of the world as you know it. Take it easy, thats what the lounge is for. ^_-

October 2, 2008

Drawin' of the Day!

Yep! Folks, the drawing of the day is up! I've been soo busy busy lately, my car ended up getting messed up, had to take it to a body shop, can't get a rental for now, and I am pretty much jobless...This CG rendering best suits how I feel today, I did this a while back on 3Ds Max, perhaps I'll post a tutorial or something soon, if I'm up to it. Anyways I'm still working on my flash and I was conveniently distracted by a 3 Second Collab I just wanted to give it a try warm up my flash skillz!

September 30, 2008

Up To Crazyness!!

I 've been justifiably busy as of late. I've been working on a flash animation project, and I've got a lot in mind for future ideas. The flurry of ideas in my head is what gives me fuel to get through each day.  But, boy, have I been busy! Between Megaman 9, work and Flash, etc...So what you get is a sneak peek! I'l have more to show,  and hopefully a finished project sometime not too long in the future. 

September 27, 2008

Drawing of the Day!

Here's the next drawing of the day. I just got up one morning and began to work on this piece of work, anyways, enjoy.

Megaman 9, A Breath of Fresh Air

Man, I am loving this game! I am so addicted to this game, I can hardly put it down! Megaman is back and in full 8-bit glory! I wouldn't want it any other way. Ofcourse at first I was skeptical, however once I powered up the Wii and got crackin', it was just like playing Megaman on the original NES! This game definitely enjoyable and extremely challenging!! I'm hooked!!!

September 26, 2008

Drawing of the Day!

Escher's Three Worlds, which I recreated in 3D a long time ago! If I can recall it was for a 3D challenge. While although I didn't get first place, It was a fun and learning experience. The first Picture of the Day, post on the Lounge. Tell me what you think, and enjoy. ^_^

September 24, 2008

Welcome to Leon's Lounge

Relax, take it easy, welcome to the lounge, Leon's lounge. Ofcourse, right now there isn't much to offer, but I'll be posting art conjoured by the deepest depths of my mind, and printed with my fingertips. I will appease your eyes with any type of ingenious art I've done, or any truly inspiring things I just have to share with the lounge. So come along, what are you waiting for? Welcome to Leon's Lounge! ^_^